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A necessity, purse hooks will keep your lovely bag of the floor. One of a kind, these purse hooks are designed and hand decorated by Mont Bleu with Swarovski crystals.


  • Purse hooks with prints

    Our highly affordable purse hooks with animal prints are affordable accessories that are essential for any occasion where you need to keep your handbag with you. We have an array of striking leopard, tiger, giraffe, zebra, snake, cow, butterfly and peacock print designs. 

    These accessories, able to hold up to 20 lb or 10 kg of weight and made from high quality materials, also make superb gift ideas. If you’re stuck as to which of our gorgeous designs to go for, why not have one for every bag you own? Or choose different ones to suit different occasions?

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Showing 1 - 20 of 25 items

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