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  • Glass Nail Files

    Welcome to the world of Czech made glass nail files. Made by Mont Bleu, a company which uses tradition bohemian craftsmanship and modern technologies to bring a crystal nail file you will enjoy using.

    Benefits of genuine Czech made crystal glass nail files:
    - healthier nails
    - lifetime guaranty on abrasive surface
    - tempered glass

  • Pedicure Callus Removers

    Achieve perfect feet with smooth heels with Pedicure Callus Removers. No more to cuts, dry skin, expensive salon visits and infection. Made of Czech tempered glass, these rasps will gently and easily remove hard skin, corns and calluses without causing any damage to the healthy underlying skin.

    Benefits of glass pedicure files:
    - safer than metal scrapers, shavers and razors,
    - more effective than pumice stones,
    - cheaper than electronic callus removers, and doesn't require spare parts
    - durable and of hospital standard hygiene
    - lifetime guaranty on the abrasive surface

  • Manicure Sets

    3 piece Solingen made manicure sets with essential beauty tools: Mont Bleu glass nail file, nail scissors, cuticle pusher or slant tweezers. The scissors and case are made in Solingen, Germany. The sets are designed for on the go nail grooming and beauty touches. Compact cases are perfectly sized for pocket, purse or travel.

    Add a touch of glamour with Swarovski crystals hand decorated beauty tools.

  • Nail & Cuticle Scissors

    Solingen nail & cuticle scissors. Open yourself to a world of quality manicure and pedicure scissors from traditional manufacturers in Solingen with more than 80 years experience in making beauty tools. High skilled craftsman deliver the quality you've been looking for.

    A glamourous companion to your beauty tools – hand decorated scissors with Swarovski crystals.

  • Nail & Cuticle Care tools

    Experience quality with clippers and nippers made by famous highly skilled craftsmen from Solingen, Germany. Nail clippers, toenail clippers, cuticle nippers, and nail nippers made of stainless steel.

    Hand decorated with Swarovski crystals in classic designs, nail clippers can be a great gift or a glamourous addition to your own manicure set.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 223 items

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